Thursday, November 27, 2008


I. Identify the following

1. a set of step by step instructions that directs the computer to do a tasks.

2. a set of rules that provides a way of telling a computer what operations to perform.

3. converts the program into a form the computer can understand.

4. means detecting, locating and correcting errors.

5. is detailed written description of the program.

6. symbol that specifies decisions.

7. signifies the beginning and end fo a flow chart.

8. pictorial representation of a step by step solution to a problem.

9. a finite set of instructions that specify a sequence of operations to be carried out to solve a problem.

10. give at least 4 examples of conditional operators.

11. quantity or value which does not change.

12. is a name or symbol that is used as reference for a value.

13. information composed of more than one characters.

14. Give the basic data types.

15. 2 types of a variables.

16.used to describe certain operation, statement, or function of a program.

17. is the operation where we put a value on the variable.

18. a combination of variables, constant and operators.

19. hold either yes or no value.

20. any combination of characters that is enclosed in pair of quotes.

II. Enumeration:

1. Give at least 4 format specifier

2. Draw at least 5 flowcharting symbols with name on the right side.

3. Give at least 2 ways on how to declare a variable.

4. Give at least 2 naming conventions.

III. Discussion

1. What programmers do?

2. Why programming?

IV. Flowcharting.

Problem. Construct a flowchart that asks for the amount purchased by the customer. If the customer purchases more than 5000, then a 10 percent discount is given. Display the net amount to be paid by the customer.

V. Illustration.

Give the Structure of a C Program

Relaks and enjoy your exam.....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Am I an IT Professional?

My answer: YES and NOT YET

Hala duha baya akong answers.


for I love IT.
for IT is my bread and butter, I worked as an IT instructor, I also developed programs using VB 6.0 for medium enterprise.
for I open my eyes thinking IT things and close it the same.
for this is one of the few things that I’m good at.


If IT Professional is someone who has a job in line with IT and for which you need higher education like doctorate or master’s degree to land the above-mentioned job then I’m not yet considered myself as one.

To sum it up, I could be an IT Professional if the criteria falls on the knowledge and skills of a certain IT field but if it falls (criteria) on higher education then I won’t consider myself as an IT Professional. Not now, and not yet.

What do you think guys? Ulaw man pud ta ani oi.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Exam Result (Part 7) Finally....


Pre-Assessment : 120 of 145 (82%)-------------Kaluoy bagsak jud tawn ko.
Post-Assessment: 132 of 145 (91%)--Finally..... Nagsagol ang katulugon ug kalipong...

Date Taken: July 19, 2008

Exam Result (Part 6)


Pre-Assessment : 113 of 127 (88%)

Date Taken: July 18, 2008

What an Assessment.......hirap talaga.

Exam Result (Part 5)


Pre-Assessment : 113 of 127 (88%)
Date Taken: July 17, 2008
a. e. i. o. u, kalisod ba diay ani oi...

Exam Result (Part 4)


Pre-Assessment : 150 of 176 (85%)

Date Taken: July 16, 2008 , I really like excel…

Exam Result (Part 3)


Pre-Assessment : 168 of 184 (91%)

Date Taken: July 16, 2008

No comment!!!!!

Exam Result (Part 2)


Pre-Assessment : 78 of 86 (90%)

Date Taken: July 16, 2008
i got lucky again.........whewwwww....

Exam Result (Part 1)


Pre-Assessment : 77 of 84 (91%)

Date Taken: July 16, 2008


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wala lang...